Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanks Walt - I think you succeeded...

One of the quotes from Walt Disney when speaking about creating the parks is, "We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun-together."

I am in Orlando this week for the CIPTUG Conference, and I spent yesterday at the Magic Kingdom all by myself... I have never been at the parks for a whole day without my family, but I had the opportunity to just watch and interact with other families, and it gave me a new perspective on the whole Disney World experience. We must usually be in our own little vacation world when we go, because I have never noticed the number of other families that are having a great vacation together. I also noticed many little babies, and I am really getting excited for March when the latest addition to our family will be here :)

I met a family from Illinois where the older son was ecstatic about his new "Hidden Mickeys Book" as they waited for the parade. There was a little girl that was nervous about her first ride on Space Mountain. The teenage girl talking about how scary Splash Mountain was when she was younger, and the young boys that were reaching for every item during Mickey's PhilharMagic just like Tommy and Austin do. I also met a nice family on the train that was enjoying a breather before they tackled Frontierland and Liberty Square, and I watched the fireworks with a family of 7, and the younger ones were definitely tired out as they looked like zombies as Wishes lit up the sky.

Thanks to everyone that shared a piece of their vacation with me yesterday... I think Walt succeeded, because there are indeed lots of families that are making life-long memories every day at the parks he inspired. As parents we aren't forced to sit on the sidelines and watch our children have fun like he was... Thanks to him we have a place that allows us to be a kid again, and just have fun with those wonderful blessings from God that grow up way to fast...

Have you made any memories lately? If not, there is a pretty good special going on for the beginning of 2009, so go to Mousesavers, and check it out!


Jill said...

I'm glad you were able to have such a great time.
When we are with our children they seem to be all we see, it is nice to experience things with out them. (although we would really like them to be with us.)

Amy said...

Are you getting paid for this? I think Disney needs to pay you for all your positive promotions!

I do agree with you, there is nothing like being with your children at Disney World. Seeing the joy and excitement in their eyes, it's magic!

Glad you are having fun in Florida, we all miss you up here in cold Michigan

lizandlance said...

I agree with should get paid.

Glad you had the opportunity to show us a different view of Walt!